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Calling all marketing professionals. Struggling to get to grips with GDPR? Need to get your head around consent and how you’re going to update all your marketing contact lists before May? Look no further.

Working in association with The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), we have launched ‘GDPR for the Marketer’ – a must for anyone in the marketing profession today.

Co-written by a leading data privacy legal team at Clayden Law, this three-hour digital course provides a comprehensive overview of how GDPR will impact the marketing sector and what marketers across the industry can do to prepare.

‘GDPR for the Marketer’ is a CPD accredited, online training course that provides comprehensive guidance on how to ensure your marketing strategy and campaigns are compliant with GDPR. From consent to the accountability principle to management of marketing database lists, the course offers an in-depth insight as to how GDPR will affect the marketing sector.

It’s priced at £175 and is available now.

Chris Daly, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), comments:

From May 2018, marketers across the industry will have a legal imperative to make the responsible use of data their priority. We have defined best practice and are working to drive clarity on behalf of the industry.

Our ‘GDPR for the Marketer’ e-Learning course is designed to train marketing professionals in the new legislation’s requirements.

Marketers are well placed within their organisations to lead change and ensure that consumer data is handled and used in compliance with GDPR.

With this, they can leverage value-based relationships with their customers that are built on trust, as well as openness regarding how they will be marketed to.

This is essential: consumer trust and access to data are both fundamental to effective marketing.

All marketers providing services to those in the EU will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that come into force on 25 May 2018.

In the UK, non-compliance may result in hefty fines; 2% of group annual global turnover (or €10 million) for lower level infringements or 4% (or €20 million) for higher level infringements.

That’s not to mention reputational damage of a poorly managed data breach. Marketers, therefore, must make data compliance their priority ahead of the new legislation.

Nick Richards, CEO of Me Learning adds:

As the deadline for GDPR draws nearer the demand for in-depth comprehensive training increases. The ‘GDPR for the Marketer’ course supports our wider range of GDPR training that cover the core elements businesses need to understand in order to become GDPR compliant.

Written in conjunction with a team of specialist data privacy lawyers at Clayden Law and in association with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the GDPR for the Marketer provides marketers with a comprehensive overview of the GDPR and how they can comply.

A must for anyone in the marketing profession today.

Work in marketing? Invest today and ensure you’re team is GDPR savvy before the looming May deadline.

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