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Fluids and Nutrition – for Health and Social Care

Using practice-based scenarios, video elements and engaging questions, this fluids and nutrition course brings the subject to life. You’ll cover topics including the importance of food safety, signs and symptoms of poor nutrition and hydration and how to support individuals to gain access to fluids, food and nutrition in accordance with their plan of care.

Additionally, the knowledge element of Standard 8 of the Care Certificate is covered in this course.

On completion, you’ll automatically get a course certificate with your name, the CPD hours you’ve earned, the date and learning objectives covered.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • The importance of food and hydration in maintaining health
  • Why you should wash your hands before preparing food
  • What might make food unpalatable or dangerous to eat
  • How to ensure that food is safe to eat
  • What makes a healthy diet
  • What role fluids play in the body and how to encourage good hydration
  • How to recognise when someone is not well nourished or is dehydrated
  • What to do in cases of severe dehydration
  • The reasons why a person might be poorly nourished or hydrated
  • What you should do when supporting individuals to have access to proper fluids and food


  • Describe the importance of food safety
  • The importance of good nutrition and hydration
  • Signs and symptoms of poor nutrition and hydration
  • Promoting adequate nutrition and hydration
  • Support individuals to have access to fluids
  • Support individuals to have access to food and nutrition
£25.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 00 hours
    and 45 minutes
  • PDF certificate
  • Unlimited replays
  • 12 months access

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4 reviews for Fluids and Nutrition – for Health and Social Care

Found it very useful with good facts and information
I think it has been an excellent course and have enjoyed completing it.

Heather Sim

Excellent for knowledge and understanding, it gave a good insight into the topic area.
Good mix of written and visual information to reinforce ideas for all types of learner. Easy to understand but not simplistic

Heather Sim

Very educational and to the point.
It was very informative and straightforward to complete

Heather Sim

I really enjoyed this course found it very useful.
Excellent course, thanks

Heather Sim

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