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We face so many different challenges and obstacles in our day-to-day, some of which are harder to recover from than others. Each one brings a series of mental processes and behaviours that we need to cope with in order to continue our day as normal. The ability to cope with these is called our ‘resilience’.  This course will provide you with an understanding of resilience, the benefits of being resilient and the importance of having a resilient organisation, and how to build resilience. 


After completing this course, learners will:  

  • Understand what resilience is and why it’s important  
  • Know how resilience impacts perspective and success  
  • Be aware of how to develop and improve their level of resilience  
  • Understand the correlation between wellbeing and resilience  
  • Understand the impact of having different mindsets  
  • Have an awareness of the four main attributes of resilience  
  • Be aware of resilient realism  
  • Understand how creativity can develop resilience  
  • Understand organisational resilience and its characteristics  
  • Recognise the impact that creating the right culture has on an organisation  
  • Know how to foster resilience in their organisation  
  • Understand the effect of a growth mindset  
  • Be able to develop their organisation’s growth mindset  
  • Know how to recognise and demonstrate organisational adaptability  
  • Understand the impacts of micromanaging   
  • Know how to effectively give praise and recognition to employees and colleagues  



£25.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 1 hour

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