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Teenage Pregnancy

This course covers the causes and consequences of teenage pregnancy. You’ll learn about how prevalent is it, who is most at risk and the impact it can have on the individual and those around them. You’ll learn good coping strategies and be well versed in the contents of the 1999 Teenage Pregnancy Strategy.

If you’re working with young people, you’ll get guidance on your role and how you should respond to the news of a teenage pregnancy, along with suggestions for advice and appropriate confidentiality levels.

On completion of the course you will automatically get a certificate with your name, CPD hours undertaken, the date and learning objectives.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • How prevalent the problem of teen pregnancy is
  • Indicators of poor outcomes
  • The impact of teenage parenting on the mother and child
  • Who is most at risk of becoming a teenage parent
  • The importance of not stereotyping teenage parents
  • The Teenage Pregnancy Strategy 1999
  • What other policies are relevant to teenage pregnancy since the strategy was introduced
  • The importance of ensuring early access to appropriate multi-agency support
  • The importance of ensuring access to sex and relationships education (SRE)
  • Why pregnant teenagers need additional help and what happens when they get poor service from professionals
  • What teenagers want from you and what skills you need to use
  • What messages you need to convey to teenagers about sex and teenage pregnancy
  • What level of confidentiality you can give teenagers in this position


  • Causes and Consequences
  • The Strategy
  • Your Role
£30.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • PDF certificate
  • Unlimited replays
  • 12 months access

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7 reviews for Teenage Pregnancy

Very well explained with case studies.
Helped greatly in awareness.

Rachael Asling

It gives the right amount of information without being too much to take in.
Well structured, informative and engaging.

Rachael Asling

Very useful and thought provoking.
I found this course really informative.

Rachael Asling

very well laid out and easy to follow/remember the information.

Heather Sim

The course was user friendly and a good way to learn about new things.

Heather Sim

I enjoyed the course and found it very informative

Heather Sim

informative, engaging and interesting

Heather Sim

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