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How to Effectively Specify for Remanufacturing

Continuing on from the success of Benefits of Remanufacturing, Value Match and Circular ComputingTM have now expanded upon this course and produced Effectively Specifying for Remanufacturing so that you can procure remanufactured products and deliver on near term targets as part of a broader net zero procurement and resource preservation strategy.

As part of our values commitment, Effectively Specifying for Remanufacturing remains free for all learners to access the CPD accredited course.

This module is ideal for all stakeholders in IT, procurement and social value professionals, and those wanting to further their understanding of remanufacturing and the circular economy.

For each course completed, Circular Computing will plant 1 tree through their decarbonisation partners to support the UK journey to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050.


• Understand the general requirements that need to be included in the specification
• Appreciate the benefits of ISO and British standards for remanufacturing
• Recognise the ability to test products prior to and during a procurement testing
• Understand the specific requirements that should be included in the specification
• Learn how to use our Remanufactured Specification Template


Effectively specifying for remanufacturing

  • Duration: 45 minutes

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