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Understanding Child Development

You will automatically get a course certificate on course completion – with your name, the CPD hours, the date and learning objectives.

The course contains additional resource materials, useful links and a refresher guide.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • The benefits of studying the development of the child or young person
  • The key questions in child development
  • The basics around how babies and children form attachments
  • How attachments can affect boundary formation and the social, emotional and behavioural development of children and young people
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of human need
  • Levin’s theory of child development
  • Piaget’s cognitive development theory
  • Vygotsky’s social learning theory
  • Erikson’s theory of psycho-social development


  • Human Need, Learning and Development
£20.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 30 minutes

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4 reviews for Understanding Child Development

It was interesting and engaging.
Very exciting course, excellent.

Heather Sim

I enjoyed the course it was very informative and will definitely improve my working with vulnerable families with young children.

Heather Sim

I thought the course was the right duration for me, the content was clear and concise and easy to follow.

Heather Sim

Clear and very helpful, I will try to do the other courses.
I found this course very interesting and informative. Thank you.

Heather Sim

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