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Multi-Agency Working

Our multi-agency working training course equips you with good knowledge about the legislation and guidance surrounding the multi-agency working discipline. You will learn what makes for effective multi-agency working and all about multi-agency initiatives such as MASH (the multi-agency safeguarding hub) and MARAC (the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference).

You will automatically get a course certificate on completion – with your name, the CPD hours you’ve earned, the date and learning objectives covered.

The course also contains additional resource materials, useful links and a refresher guide for reference.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a deeper knowledge of:

  • What multi-agency working means and how multi-agency services can be delivered
  • What happens when multi-agency working does not happen or breaks down
  • The legislation and guidance surrounding multi-agency working
  • What makes for effective multi-agency working
  • Multi-agency initiatives, including MASH and MARAC
  • The five stages of group development


  • Multi-Agency Working
£20.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • PDF certificate
  • Unlimited replays
  • 12 months access

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6 reviews for Multi-Agency Working

It was very informative.
I thought the course was very good and convenient to do at home.

Rachael Asling

Great, informative and engaging.
I found the course a good refresher and enjoyed the layout and learning.

Rachael Asling

Excellent and easy to understand.
I learnt new things from the course which will inform my practice.

Rachael Asling

fairly quick and informative, learnt new things about mash that i didn’t know.

Heather Sim

The film clips and reconstruction of the meeting gives a realist impression of what to expect…most useful more of these on all courses please.

Heather Sim

Excellent course, detailed and informative

Heather Sim

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