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Safeguarding Children – for Education (Levels 1 and 2)

This is an in-depth online child safeguarding seminar, combining a collection of five high-quality safeguarding training courses in one attractive and cost-effective solution. It also contains a handy refresher guide, useful links and recommended resources so you can explore the topic independently.

You’ll learn about child abuse and how to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect, how to avoid dangerous safeguarding practice, safeguarding referral procedures and chronologies.

If you’ve already undertaken our Safeguarding Children Level 1 training (and/or have taken our online Safeguarding Children – for Education (Level 1) course), then the Safeguarding Children (Level 2) course covers all the content.

On completion of the course, you will automatically get a certificate,  containing your name, CPD hours, the date and learning objectives.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a good knowledge of:

  • The background, legal basis and definition of safeguarding, child protection and child abuse
  • Serious case reviews and core functions of Safeguarding Partners
  • The concept of significant harm, what to do if child abuse is suspected as well as the key principles of child protection
  • Who abuses children and the definitions of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect
  • Recognising the signs of abuse from the victim and perpetrator
  • The causes and effects of abuse on children
  • Information to record and what to do if you have concern
  • Responding to a disclosure or allegation of abuse or neglect
  • Types of questions that can be asked, should be asked, and should be avoided
  • Considerations before referring a safeguarding concern to children’s social care
  • Information you should provide to children’s social care and the questions you should ask
  • What you and children’s social care should do following a referral
  • The Framework for the Assessment of Children and Their Families and its principles
  • Assessing children’s needs
  • Understand the ‘domains’ and ‘dimensions’ of the Framework
  • The importance of keeping an up-to-date chronology and how to record one
  • The purpose and possible outcomes of a strategy discussion and Section 47 enquiries
  • Initial Child Protection Conferences (ICPC)


  • Background to Safeguarding for Education
  • Child Abuse Awareness
  • Recognising Abuse and Neglect
  • If You Have Concern – Teachers and Support Staff
  • Responding to a Disclosure – What You Should Do
  • Responding to a Disclosure – How to Ask Questions
  • Referring Safeguarding Concerns
  • Recognising and Avoiding Dangerous Safeguarding Practice
  • Chronologies
£30.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • PDF certificate
  • Unlimited replays
  • 12 months access

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7 reviews for Safeguarding Children – for Education (Levels 1 and 2)

It was interesting and very informative.
It was useful having the overview of each topic before the quiz as we were able to take in everything in order to complete the quiz.

Sam Roberts

It was excellent. I feel I am much more prepared for different situations that might arise.
It was very engaging and provided relevant information for safeguarding children, along with extra downloads for further study.

Sam Roberts

The course information has been very good and eye opening about the nature of abuse.
As this course was available to be studied online, I have taken in more information than I would have attending a course elsewhere.

Sam Roberts

very informative and provided many interesting facts that will assist with a teaching or support role in education.

Heather Sim

The units were a suitable length and provided a good background understanding of the issues. I liked the use of real scenarios and examples of dialogue – these were helpful.

Heather Sim

It gave a very good insight into how child protection and safeguarding is run further up in schools and education.

Heather Sim

I came into this course with no knowledge at all about this course. I now have a full understanding and hope I can use the information I have obtained to make sure the children in my care are safeguarded. I do not feel that there should be any changes.

Heather Sim

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