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Safeguarding Children Refresher

This course is for you to refresh your knowledge on topics you will already have learnt about in the Safeguarding Children (Levels 1 and 2) course to make sure that you have all the knowledge you need to be able to carry out your role effectively.

You will recap on topics such as key legislation around safeguarding children, responding to a disclosure or concern, the referral process and important principles that you should remember whilst working to ensure that children are safeguarded.


After you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a recharged knowledge of:

  • The definitions of ‘safeguarding’ and ‘child protection’
  • Legislation in place around safeguarding children, such as the Children Act 1989
  • The importance of Safeguarding Practice Reviews and their findings
  • Why information sharing is crucial
  • Contextual safeguarding – what it means
  • Who we are safeguarding, and what we are safeguarding from
  • How a child might respond to abuse
  • The important principles around safeguarding
  • Key indicators of abuse and neglect, and how you should respond
  • The different types of disclosure
  • When to ask questions, and how to do so appropriately
  • The stages of the referral pathway and process
  • Dangerous safeguarding practice to avoid
  • Using chronologies and their importance
  • The Child Protection Process stages


This is a one module course

£20.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 30 minutes

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