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Violence Reduction

Violence among children and young people is a significant issue, and it is often dealt with in different ways – some are effective, some find short-term solutions, and some can make the issue worse. This course has been developed to support you in understanding youth violence and why it may occur, the impacts that youth violence has on everyone involved, and what you can do in the reduction and prevention.


  • Understand the importance of violence reduction
  • Be aware of the connections between youth violence and other forms of violence
  • Understand how early experiences can impact levels of violence
  • Understand adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • Know how to identify at-risk children of adversity
  • Understand what contextual safeguarding is and what it means in practice
  • Know how contextual safeguarding can reduce violence
  • Understand how violence can be prevented using research-informed best practice
  • Be aware of the different types of prevention methods
  • Understand the importance of a trauma-informed approach and how to use it
  • Have a better awareness of early intervention methods, including in the wider community
  • Understand partnership-based approaches and how they can benefit
  • Know their role in preventing violence
  • Understand the impact of reachable moments in reducing violence
  • Understand the short-term and long-term outcomes
  • Know how different roles and approaches can impact level of reduction
  • Have an awareness of how parents, carers and children / young people can help
  • Understand supervision in the context of violence reduction
  • Know the importance of learning from a child or young person’s expertise and experience and using it to support outcomes


Understanding Violence and ACE’s

How to respond

Impacts and roles of others

£25.00 Exc VAT
  • Duration: 1 hour
    and 30 minutes

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