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Leadership and Management courses

Our management skills courses give leaders rapid and actionable advice on some of the most frequent people-oriented challenges in the workplace.

They give managers old and new the leadership skills to nurture employees and teams from onboarding through to productive long-term careers; because teams which are well led are also the most productive.

Leadership training can also be the most effective way to deal with underperformance: by improving one person’s leadership and decision making skills, a whole team can be reinvigorated and motivated.

Working through the employee lifecycle, our management skills courses include “Managing the Probationary Period”; a legally significant phase in the employee’s history where it is up to managers to discover an employee’s competencies, nurture them if they need assistance, and make tough decisions if they don’t come up to scratch.

“Managing Teams” tackles the very human complexities of getting people to work together. Every leader has objectives in mind; great leaders not only persuade their teams to buy into their vision, but have the leadership skills to drive progress with enthusiasm. This course will help leaders develop a consistent, fair and positive culture, from the top.

And to keep employees at the top of their game, we also have a course in “Workplace Wellbeing”. As performance pressure seemingly increases year after year, wellbeing and mental health have recently come to the top of the corporate agenda. Smart leaders realise that everyone experiences episodes in life in which they may need a little help, and with support, they can be happier and also outperform expectations. But workplace wellbeing isn’t just about dress-down Fridays or table football. This course is designed for anyone feeling overwhelmed at work, and offers advice to both individuals and managers.

Finally, every leader should work on their “People Skills” – because nobody is a perfect communicator or thinker. Unlike our professional skills, most of us never learned People Skills in school, college or university; they’re the management skills we pick up by hard experience alone – and that’s not necessarily a good thing! New managers may find themselves ill-equipped to tackle complex conflicts or decisions. And highly-experienced managers can fall back on long-standing behaviours which may be out of date or plain wrong. This course is the ideal introduction to some of the key people skills which will improve your leadership – and also the way employees perceive you.

Management skills courses are available from many providers, so we have worked hard to make our courses relevant, economical, and rapidly applicable in the workplace. All these courses are designed to take less than an hour out of your busy schedule, and to cover key concepts which managers can put to work immediately. Each course also offers a certificate, and where appropriate will count towards professional CPD hours. Each course also has clear learning objectives and features a demo option so you can decide which are suitable for you, your team or your ongoing training regime.