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Safeguarding Adults courses

We offer a series of courses about safeguarding adults, ranging from awareness courses for a number of diseases and health conditions, to eating disorders, hate crimes, domestic abuse, and end of life care.

Many of these courses will be useful for those regularly working with vulnerable adults in need of care or attention, but they also contain useful information for those looking to help out a family member or friend in need. The level 1 courses contain basic knowledge, while the level 2 courses are geared towards those working with adults on a daily or weekly basis and therefore require more in-depth knowledge.

Safeguarding Adults Level 1 provides a healthy overview for anyone working with adults at risk. If you’re responsible for adult safeguarding, these courses will help you to identify risk, learn the importance of prevention and determine appropriate intervention. This course will cover abuse and neglect in all its different forms and how to respond to them.

Safeguarding Adults Level 2 is an advanced course for those who already feel they have the basic knowledge needed to be a successful caregiver or employee in this space. You’ll walk through the duties of some of the key players involved in safeguarding, including local authorities, the NHS, police and care providers. You’ll also learn about the importance of adopting a person-centered approach and the legal requirement to share information in order to prevent abuse and neglect.

If you’re looking into a specific diseases, disorders or conditions, a few of our courses may provide the information you need.

A look at our Parkinson’s Disease Awareness course, Dementia Awareness course, Stroke Awareness course, Epilepsy Awareness course and Aphasia course will provide a basic overview of causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. You’ll also find information on the different stages of each condition, the issues you might face in each situation and recommendations on how to cope. Many of these courses provide additional resources to learn more about the specific topic, in case you want to continue learning.

A few of our 12 courses also offer insight into more specific cases, for those who have been through traumatic events such as human trafficking and modern day slavery, or honour based violence and forced marriage. These courses provide a deeper look into these issues, and how to help someone (a patient or otherwise) cope or move forward in a meaningful way. They’re designed for those working closely with victims, which in this case might be social workers, healthcare workers, care workers or university staff and teachers.

In addition to the courses mentioned above, we also offer a variety of courses discussing common problems faced by adults in the UK, including domestic abuse, eating disorders, and substance misuse. Between all 12 courses surrounding the topic of adult safeguarding, we think you’ll find a few to suit your e-learning training needs.