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Safeguarding Children courses

We offer a series of courses about safeguarding children, ranging from online risks and safety, substance misuse, eating disorders, sexual abuse and exploitation, bullying and cyberbullying, hate crimes and teenage pregnancy.

Many of these courses will be useful for those regularly working with vulnerable children in need of care or specific attention, but they also contain useful information for parents, or those looking to help out a family member or friend in need.The level 1 courses contain basic knowledge, while the level 2 courses are geared towards those working with children on a daily or weekly basis and therefore require more in-depth knowledge.

Safeguarding Children Level 1 provides a healthy overview for anyone working with children at risk. If you’re responsible safeguarding children, these courses will help you to identify abuse, and how to move forward if you’re concerned for a child’s wellbeing. learn the importance of prevention and determine appropriate intervention. The course will cover abuse from all different angles – who abuses children and the different ways in which children are abused, the causes of abuse and how to recognise signs from the victim or perpetrator, the effects of abuse on children and how to (and not to) respond to these concerns. You’ll also come away with information about how to handle these situations legally.

Safeguarding Children Level 2 is an advanced course for those who already feel they have the basic knowledge needed to be a successful caregiver or employee in this space. The course will explain what to do before referring a case to Children’s Social Care, and what to do after the referral as well. We also offer Safeguarding Children and child protection courses specifically for those working in the health and education industries (teachers, lecturers, governors or clinical or non-clinical staff in healthcare settings) that are in tune with their daily routines and perspectives.

The rest of our 36 courses surrounding safeguarding children offer insight into more specific cases and issues children commonly faced by children, such as internet safety, bullying (on and offline) and eating disorders. These courses provide a deeper look into these issues, and how to help children through the day-to-day issues they tend to deal with. As the parents, carers and household members of young individuals, there’s a lot of information about children’s lives that we’re not necessarily aware of or that we think about. In just 30 minutes, you’ll have a better idea of how to tackle these risks and issues and talk through them with children in an effective manner.

A few of our courses also offer insight into more specific cases, for those who have been through traumatic events such as human trafficking and modern day slavery,  honour based violence and forced marriage, female genital mutilation, or different forms or abuse (sexual, domestic, etc.). These courses provide a deeper look into these issues, and how to help a child to cope or move forward in a meaningful way. They’re designed for those working closely with children as well as for their caretakers and are perfect training for those in a Local Authority, LCSB or LSAB. Promoting the welfare of children (and working together to safeguard), is something that we’re proud of.