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With over 60 courses in our Workforce Induction category, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for as a starter in a new industry (or even if you’re looking to refresh your knowledge and skills).

You can hone in on a specific industry or role (including the food industry, roles within the health, social or childcare space, or roles involving data protection and security) for relevant classes, or browse the rest of our courses for some more general knowledge about how best to conduct yourself in the workplace, both individually and around others.

Many of our courses listed will help to ensure you’re adhering to all the rules and guidelines as an employee, and also make sure you are aware of how to help yourself and others in different types of situations. As an employee, you’re bound to encounter problems you’re not exactly sure how to solve – and we’re hoping you’ll learn them here through our short, engaging e-training courses.

For those preparing to work in the food industry, we offer a variety of Food Safety and Hygiene courses to ensure you’re ready to go. Whether working in a restaurant, hotel, cafe, bar or running a catering business of your own, your first order of business should be to understand how to handle food properly in order to become a trusted source for your customers. With our selection of five courses, you’ll be able to cover all the bases needed to succeed within the food industry, including food prep, safety, hygiene or allergies.

For those working as part of a health and social care team, we recommend taking a look at some of specific courses within this category to make sure you’re doing everything you can to be an exceptional member of staff and take care of your patients as best you can. Whether you’re a carer in domiciliary settings, in a care home, or a manager of care providers – these courses will be important for you to take on. Family members who want to understand more about the safe handling or medication of those they’re taking care of will also find good value in a few of our Health & Safety courses.

Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Adults are another two categories of courses useful for those working regularly with adults and children who find themselves in vulnerable or high-risk situations. While many of these courses will be useful for working with these individuals daily, they also contain useful information for parents, or those looking to help out a family member or friend in need.

Regardless of what industry you’re currently working in (and the day-to-day responsibilities that come with it), we think there’s great value in getting some basic training under your belt regarding health and safety, as well as learning about different laws within the workplace and issues that might arise with you or your peers.

It’s always good to be prepared and informed, and we’re hoping a few of our e-training courses will provide the guidance you need to feel confident and secure in the workplace.